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Avoid becoming an SEO case study on how not to do a website migration; most brands do not plan correctly for website migrations, often leading to a decline in organic revenue.

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BlackRock SEO agency

Achieved market leader status in share of search through prioritisation of key initiatives.

Eventbrite SEO

Improving B2C & B2B user journeys through query intent and optimising internal page signals.

Aviva SEO agency

Achieved simultaneous position one rankings for car, home, and life insurance.

Groupon SEO agency

Launched a global multi-website strategy to dominate Google search results.

John Lewis SEO agency

Black Friday and Cyber Monday organic revenue doubled YoY.

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What steps can we take to ensure our organic revenue does not decline during a website migration?

We provide a fully detailed migration plan that includes pre- and post-migration strategies, comprehensive UAT evaluation, redirect mapping, and continuous monitoring. Our approach safeguards existing SEO value and ensures a smooth transition without loss of organic revenue.

How can a website migration be used as an opportunity to enhance our organic performance?

A website migration allows us to optimise your site’s structure, improve user journeys, improve Core Web Vitals and enhance overall site performance. We identify new growth opportunities, align content with user intent, and leverage the migration to increase search engine visibility and organic performance.

What contingency plans do you have in place to manage potential risks during the migration?

We implement comprehensive migration contingency planning and risk assessment to address potential issues. This includes stakeholder management and due diligence, ensuring that any risks are mitigated and that the migration process is as seamless as possible. Stakeholder engagement and education are key to a successful migration.

BlackRock SEO agency
Working with our company is very demanding, and there are many levels of approval to go through for work to be implemented. Carl has always been very responsive and goes beyond the typical scope of any project, providing us with all angles of technical solutions and detailed recommendations for content optimizations.
Jennifer Xiques

Global Head of SEO

Betfair SEO Agency
I first worked with Carl as Marketing Manager at Betfair and have relied on his expertise many times since. His iGaming experience ensured we allocated our team and budget effectively for SEO. Carl's knowledge in sports betting, poker, and casino SEO helped us achieve quick technical wins while implementing a long-term strategy that benefited all products and stakeholders.

Marketing Manager

Apax SEO optimization
His knowledge base expands far beyond SEO having run many successful affiliate sites in his down time. His day-to-day work of planning and implementing SEO strategies for major, FTSE 100 brands was first class. He’ll also know the very latest news on domains, ecommerce and pretty much everything else you’ll wish to mention when It comes to running a successful business online.
David Burgess

Operating Executive

I have worked with Carl for a number of years across different verticals - ecommerce and fintech in particular. Carl understands what is required to deliver long term and sustainable SEO traffic whilst being mindful of other marketing channels and industry regulations. His straight-talking no jargon approach makes him easy to work with. And he's a top bloke to boot.
Will Wynne

Managing Director

At Memrise we have a huge and complex SEO content footprint which had over the years become, frankly, a bit of a mess. Carl did an incredible job at cutting through the complexity and prioritising a series of focused, stepwise actions that led to huge measurable improvements in a short space of time.
Ben Whately

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Eventbrite SEO
As someone who has been doing SEO for about 10 years and having worked on companies of all shapes and sizes myself, I can tell the difference between someone who gets their hands dirty and delves into the deepest regions of your site vs an SEO "expert" who pushes a button and runs a site audit report only to tell you you have "12 duplicate title tags." Carl is definitely the former, and whenever I need a fresh set of eyes on my site, I call him.
Brendan Baker

Director of Growth Marketing

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