Knowledge Graph Search

Introduction to the Knowledge Graph API

The Google Knowledge Graph API reveals entity information related to a keyword, that Google knows about. This information can be very useful for SEO – discovering related topics and what Google believes is relevant. It can also help when trying to claim/win a Knowledge Graph box on search results. The API requires a high level of technical understanding, so this tool creates a simple public interface, with the ability to export data into spreadsheets.

Understanding the search results

  • Relevancy Score: How relevant Google thinks this entity is to your search term. Higher numbers indicate more confidence.
  • Description: A short description of the entity.
  • Types: The entity’s object types. More information on this on the website.
  • View on Google: Preview the information box that Google sometimes displays to the right of search results. This special URL is generated using the entity’s unique ID.
  • Detailed Description: A detailed description of the entity. At this time, these seem to always be sourced from Wikipedia. After the description, links to the source article (Wikipedia) and license are listed.
  • Image: As with the description, this appears to always be taken from Wikipedia.
  • Image (URL): Google-hosted copy of the image. These are usually small and heavily compressed.
  • Image (Source): The image’s Wikipedia media page. Typically this will have much higher-quality versions of the image.
  • Image (License): A link to the image’s license and usage information.

Further reading